Molly Brown Hemp Oil for Dogs Beef Flavor


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Instructions on the bottle are the average starting dosage. You may need to adjust the below dosage depending on your dog’s ailment and condition. It is always good to consult with your vet.

The hemp oil can be given orally or added to your pet’s favorite food. You must be consistent and do it at the same time twice a day every day.

Dosage instructions :

  • Small dogs ( under 20 lbs) 2-4 drops,  2x per day
  • Medium dogs (20-60 lbs) 4-6 drops, 2x per day
  • Large dogs (60lbs and over) 6-10 drops, 2x per day

One bottle, used as instructed will last as follows:

  • Small dogs: 6-8 wks
  • Medium dogs: 4-6 wks
  • Large dogs: 4 wks
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