About Molly Brown Hemp Oil

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Molly Brown Hemp Oil for Dogs inspired by my beloved chocolate lab.
For the past year, Molly had been under the weather with various issues ranging from dysplasia and arthritis to severe allergies in her paws. These issues caused major inflammation in her hips and paws making it very difficult for her to walk.
The vet was prescribing various steroids, antibiotics, laser treatments… I finally decided to do my own research.
I was quite familiar with Hemp Oil as I worked in the human Hemp Oil industry for over a year back in 2017, I knew it had many benefits. I discovered while there was an ample supply of  Hemp Oil-based products for humans, there was a noticeable shortage of quality organic Hemp Oil for dogs.
Enter me, Rosie – on a mission not only to help my dog heal, but all our well-heeled friends heal. After months of sourcing and researching, I formulated a very simple, clean organic Hemp Oil for pups with no pesticides, GMO’s, or chemicals. This oil also boasts 600 mg of pure CBD oil in a one-ounce bottle which is more than twice the amount of almost all the other one ounce products out in the market.
Our oil is made of two simple ingredients: full spectrum CBD oil and organic Hemp Seed Oil with a choice of natural beef or chicken flavoring!
In June I received my final sample and began to give it to Molly. I stopped giving her all other prescription medication and remarkably, since taking the Hemp Oil, I noticed a marked improvement in her health, including a major decrease in inflammation in her paws and much less pain in her hips!
Long story short–it works.
I love my girl more than anything, and I’m thrilled that she gets to enjoy the many benefits of this healing oil and see the launch of the product that will keep her legacy alive and help so many others for years to come. While Molly and my love for dogs is the inspiration behind this project, my great hope is to bring relief, health, and happiness to fur babies across the world, and, in its success, help fund the animal rescue sanctuary I’ve been dreaming about for years.
Come and join me on this journey! 🙂
With love and gratitude,
A note from Molly :
For months I was feeling under the weather, my paws were inflamed and my arthritic hips were very achy.
Mom tried everything from steroids, antibiotics, laser treatment, medicated bath, acupuncture…But I still wasn’t getting better.
One day she stopped giving me all these different pills and she started putting some drops in my mouth. It tasted quite interesting, not like anything I had ever tried, but within two weeks I started feeling better and better.
I look forward to these drops every day and I want every pup to try this magic oil to feel as good as I do.